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Things to Do in Wichita at Night

Things to Do in Wichita at Night

Wichita, Kansas, is a popular destination. It has more than ten different districts that drive the economy and keep locals downtown. With summer just around the corner, you need to know what entertainment options you have, even in the evenings. Wichita is home to a variety of venues that will help you make the most of your visit. Read below to discover the best things to do in Wichita at night, whether you're with friends or family!

Gaze into the Ring of Fire

Did you know that Wichita is home to a 40-foot-plus statue that incorporates fire in the artwork?

The Keeper of the Plains is the name of this famous Wichita statue. If you want to get out of the apartment for a few hours this summer, you can check out one of their many shows. Each night, weather permitting, you can watch a show of fire surrounding the statue.

If you're looking for evening activities in Wichita to enjoy with the kids, shows start at 9 PM and only last 15 minutes. This is the perfect attraction for all since it's quick and engaging.

a statue of a woman on a rock with a blue sky in the background

Visit Club Rodeo

If you're a thrill seeker and want to enjoy a unique Wichita experience, you should head over to Club Rodeo. Club Rodeo is a popular spot downtown; it's a country nightclub, but what makes it so unique is the indoor rodeo. While you sit and relax, you can watch professionals enter the rings with the bulls and kick up the dust. After the rodeo show is complete, there is a dance floor to practice on and fake bulls to ride!

Dance in the Brickyard Courtyard

The Brickyard Courtyard is a hot spot in Wichita during the spring and summer months. Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, you can catch a live performance and dance the night away. The Brickyard Courtyard posts all its events on its websites, making it easy to schedule a date night and support your favorite band. If you get to the courtyard early enough, you can also order from their award-winning menu.

Take a Bite at Wichita Restaurants

Finding good places to go in Wichita for food isn't hard, especially if you're in the Old Town District. The Old Town District is known for its boutiques, theaters, and a surplus of restaurants. You can catch your favorite sporting events at one of the lounges or dine at a formal restaurant on special occasions. Wichita has many restaurants with American-inspired dishes. You can also get slices of pizza, breakfast, and seafood in the district. No matter what diet you follow, you can find something tasty in the Old Town.

a group of people sitting around a table eating food

Sip on a Shake

Many Eastgate residents use the on-site swimming pool and then want a cold treat afterward. Braum's, Sonic, and Milkfloat are popular spots for the locals. If you want to have an extravagant shake, Pap's General Store has you covered. Wichita is known for experiencing hot weather and minimal rain in the summer. Getting a shake once the sun starts setting is the best way to cool down and replenish the body with nutrients. You can plan a special date or surprise the kids with a frozen treat, and they aren't far from Eastgate Apartments!

Explore the First Friday Art Crawl

Downtown Wichita is famous for its beautiful galleries and museums. In the evenings, on the first Friday of the month, you can get inspired by local artists. The first Friday of each month parts creativity and gives locals a chance to learn more about artists in the area and how to support them. Galleries, museums, retail stores, and restaurants all participate in this event since it draws in a large crowd. The best part about this event is that there are appetizers and beverages served throughout the venue. After walking around the galleries, take a peek outside, or you might miss out on wonderful live performances. Firebreathers, musicians, and artists display their skills and put on a show.

Camp at Santa Fe Lake

No matter how comfortable you are in your Eastgate apartment or townhouse, you need to get out once in a while.

Santa Fe Lake is just a few miles away, and you can turn a dull night into an adventure. You can pack up the family or head to the lake with some friends and put up tents for the night. This is a perfect lake for camping since you can go swimming, fishing, and hiking on the trails. Since Wichita doesn't get much rain in the summer, this is a popular spot where people go to cool off and connect with nature.

our tents in the moonlight

Ride the Q Line

Enjoying the night in Wichita is simple when you can ride the Q Line on Douglas Street.

The Q Line will be implementing a new route at the end of May, which will give people a chance to explore different areas. Many people living in Eastgate use this free trolley to get around town, especially if they frequent the Douglas Design District. The trolley runs until 11 PM on weeknights and midnight on the weekends.

Maximize Summer and Find Things to Do in Wichita at Night

With longer days and beautiful weather, you might be getting antsy to get out of the apartment. This guide can help you find things to do in Wichita at night, whether you're with the kids or not. Aside from bars and clubs, Wichita has plenty to offer and explore. You can make the most of your days in the spring and summer by staying out late at these attractions. If you can't get enough of the city, check out the Eastgate Apartments, they are conveniently located in East Wichita!